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Ever fancied living the life of a fashion designer? Well with Creative Apparel's 'Design Factory', you can! Select a garment, add some graphics, maybe some text, and then have it printed and sent to your door the very next day! Select 'Design your own clothing' from the resources menu.

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Lithography uses simple chemical processes to create an image. For instance, the positive part of an image would be a "water hating" chemical, while the negative image would be "water loving". Thus, when the plate is introduced to a compatible printing ink and water mixture, the ink will adhere to the positive image and the water will clean the negative image
Creative Apparel has it's own paper printing department (or straight-A Litho as we like to call it), so you can make the most of our latest digital technology and conventional lithographic printing methods.

Want your print work to stand out from the crowd? We are also experts in complex finishing processes from UV varnishing and laminating to embossing, shape cutting and foil blocking. Call us today and get a no obligation quote.

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