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At Creative Apparel we specialize in all manner of apparel decoration techniques and provide numerous garments to businesses in the fast fashion and workwear markets. We started our journey in 1988 in Stockport, UK with just two employees - and now we produce a whole range of branded clothing and workwear (hoodies, t-shirts, sweat-shirts, etc.) that we provide to everyone from fresh startups to major high street and online retailers in the UK and overseas. 

Our ambition was to be the UK’s first one-stop shop in the garment sector, and now we bring together in one business all the key garment finishing processes including; labeling, printing, and embroidery. This allows us to not only produce fantastic looking garments, but to build brands for our customers. From the initial design phase all the way to the store shelf, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce consistent, eye-catching apparel, that is labeled, packaged and ready to ship.

We are obsessed with customer service excellence, investing in competence and capacity, reducing our carbon footprint, and maintaining quality to stand out above the rest in an increasingly competitive world market.

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