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Our Story

We’re based in Stockport and we work in the fast fashion and workwear markets.  We started our journey in 1988 with just two employees, and now we make a whole range of branded clothing (hoodies, t-shirts, sweat-shirts) and workwear that we sell to major high street and online stores in the UK and overseas.  Our ambition was to be the UK’s first one-stop shop in the garment sector, and now we bring together in one business all the key garment finishing processes including; labeling, printing, and embroidery.  We’re obsessed with customer service excellence, investing in competence and capacity, reducing costs, and maintaining quality to increase sales in an increasingly competitive world market. 

We’ve grown rapidly and we’re building a new factory to help us increase our production.  We’re also going to improve efficiency, productivity, and employee job satisfaction by bringing in the most modern, digitally networked machinery that removes mundane tasks and gives our people more challenging, rewarding jobs. 

Sustainability’s a big issue for us and we totally understand our responsibilities.  We insist on using ethically sourced materials from factories where people are treated like they should be.  Our new factory’s going to include a wide range of sustainable features, including rainwater harvesting, solar heating, a rooftop garden, and a living wall.

We’re excited about the future!