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Our aim as a business is to provide the best ethical, clean, and sustainable products for your brand or business. From global manufacturers to fully certified organic producers, we care that the process for sourcing and manufacturing of the garments is done in the most ethical and responsible way possible.

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Sustainable fashion means finding a balance when designing, manufacturing, and consuming clothes. It means avoiding the depletion of natural resources, and preventing the exploitation of individuals and communities.

Being sustainable also means maintaining this balance well into the future by taking a long-term approach to the production and consumption of clothes and accessories. It’s about ensuring the fashion industry both promotes care and avoids harm, whether to people, to animals, or to the planet itself.

We strive to bring you the best of the best. We are always looking for the most ethical and sustainable products for your brand or business. That is why we look for the latest articles and reports to educate ourselves and advise our customers on sustainability, and provide what's best for you, and for the planet.

The Fashion Transparency Index analyses and ranks 250 of the world’s biggest fashion brands and retailers based on their public disclosure of human rights and environmental policies, practices and impacts, in their operations and in their supply chains. Follow the link below to find out more.

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Check out this video from Gildan about their sustainability efforts

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